Weekly Service Schedule

We are a Sabbath-observing Church of God fellowship.  We meet in our Big Sandy location for Sabbath services at 2:00 PM CST.  On the first Sabbath of each month, we have a potluck social immediately after services.  Please join us for good food and fellowship!

What to expect at services...

Our normal service lasts about two hours.  It is composed of two sessions --- with a short break in the middle.  Most sermons last from 30 to 45 minutes.  We begin with an opening prayer and a song service.  During the first session, there is a sermon in the main hall and age-appropriate classes for the youth in various classrooms.  Those listening or watching remotely will have access to the sermon in the mail hall.  After each breakout session is completed, we reconvene in the main hall at the hour mark.  The second session is the family sermon time as all members gather to hear the second sermon message.  We conclude services with a song and prayer.  We hope you will join us -- either in person, via the internet, or through our telephone hook-up!