About Us

We are a non-denominational Sabbath-keeping congregation located in Big Sandy, Texas.  We have a core group of believers that live in the surrounding areas of East Texas that attend with us weekly.  We also have a large base of supporting believers that are scattered abroad far and wide.

We hope this website will help to facillitate communication and fellowship between this diverse constituency as well as help spread the Good News shared by our common beliefs.

Church of God Big Sandy was established in 1995 on the foundation of a congregational form of governance.  The church has been pastored by Dave Havir since its inception.  An elected Board of Trustees is tasked with maintaining the continued viability of the congregation. 

Weekly church services commence at 2:00 pm on Saturdays in our church hall located at 1106 W Broadway Avenue, Big Sandy, TX  75755.  We offer three levels of youth classes during the first portion of our services:  Kid's Class (for pre-readers), Bridges Class (for readers), and Teen Class.  Meanwhile, adults enjoy the first of two messages in the main hall.  Everyone joins together in the main hall for the main message during the second portion of our services.